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Interview pour “Moment” ("magazine for a Jewish-American audience”)

Envoyé par Renaud Camus 
Interview pour “Moment” ("magazine for a Jewish-American audience”)

— How do your ideas about replacement apply in America ?

My ideas about replacement apply in America insofar as they apply, if you’ll forgive my being so bold, to the world. What I call “global replacism” is very much, in my mind, as its name implies, a world phenomenon, in which I see the very essence of post-modern societies. It is also one of the two totalitarianisms which are rivaling for supremacy in the world, the other one being islam. Those two are rivals, of course, and will be ennemies because they have entirely different and inconciliable conceptions of the world ; but in the meantime they have presently a strange alliance, or at least an understanding, what I call a modern “germano-sovietic pact”, which lasts much longer than the original one, between Hitler and Staline from august 1939 to june 1941.

Frederick Winslow Taylor is to replacism what Marx is to marxism. The man who put Taylor’s ideas most rigorously in application was Henry Ford, who had the genial idea of selling its product, the Ford T, to its very producers, his workers. The workers were the consumers. Now, in a much more sophisticated phase of taylorization, standardisation, global remplacism, the producers are also the product : what I call MHI, la Matière Humaine Indifférenciée, Undifferentiated Human Matter.

Cinematografically speaking global replacism is Metropolis + Modern Times + Soylent Green.

Of course it is very important to remember than Henry Ford was a highly antisemitic figure, closely linked to nazi Germany where he had enormous business interests and where death camps can be considered as an application of scientific management to genocide.

Modern genocide does not have to kill. It can get rid by mere replacement of inconvenient people, inconvenient because they are too expensive or too graduate, or because they have already everything and can’t be expected to be consumers for ever. Of course the replacers have no money. But they need everything, schools, clothes, food, electronics, and it is easy to provide them, by fiscal transfer, with the money of the replacees. Europe is the first civilization who is actually paying for its own colonization.

Everything can be replaced, and is being replaced, by cheaper, simpler, easier to produce and standardized versions of the original : Venice by Las Vegas, wild fish by industrial fish, stone by bonder, wood by plastics, literature by journalism, journalism by information, information by fake news, culture by entertainment or leisure, music by pop music, luxury items by counterfeit, Paris by Euro DisneyLand, the original world by touristic sites, any part of the human body by artificial limbs, heart, kidneys, face, old age by artificial youth, mothers by surrogate mothers, man by man, man by woman, woman by sex toy, men and women by robots, peoples by other peoples, humanity by post-human entities, individuals by UHM (Undifferentiated Human Matter), etc.

As much as high profit, low-cost is the very byword of the remplacist world. Everything becomes low-cost, even if it is as expensive as the original thing. This world is characterized by proletarianization at least as much as pauperization. Under pression of overpopulation, town and country merge into suburbs, sub-urbs, that low-cost of living on earth : in french banlieue, that à-côté of being. And suburbs turn into waste grounds, the Waste Land aptly prophesied by Eliot. Racism had made of Europe a pile of ruins, antiracism turns it into a shantytown.

— In America, white supremacists in Charlottesville chanted “you will not replace us” and “Jews will not replace us”. Do you think their worries come from your ideas ?

— I think my worries should be shared by everybody because the very essence of the dignity of Man is to be not replaceable. “Replaceable Man” is one of the parts of my book The Great Replacement, after a conference I gave in Paris for the the France-Israel society. The mass production of replaceable men, notably through the collapse of the educational system and through the other branches of what I call “the industry of hebetude”, mass imbecilization, is the crime against humanity par excellence of XXIst century

— How is anti-Semitism contrary to your ideas? Why doesn’t “Jews will not replace us” fit with your ideas about replacement ?

—In Europe Jews are probably the group most directly under threat because of the population change. This is the great paradox of antiracism. After the Second World War antiracism drew all its prestige, power, moral righteousness and indisputable legitimacy from the unanimous “Never Again ! ” about nazi death camps. And that very same antiracism, in half a century, has constructed a world where in many a school, in France, Shoah cannot be taught because pupils refuse to hear about it ; and which the Jews have to flee by the thousands because they are not safe in it.

The menace of replacement certainly does not come from the Jews. On the contrary they are the ones who are most under threat of being replaced. They already have been, in France, in Sweden, in parts of the european territory, quarters, entire cities, which they have had to evacuate. The jewish community has had to leave Malmoe, for instance, where it had survived the Holocaust under swedish protection — swedish protection does not exist anymore, or it is without power whatsoever in front of a highly antisemitic new population.

— Do you sympathize with the slogan “you will not replace us” ? Why ?

— Yes, I do, very much so. As I said before I think the very essence of man’s dignity lies in its being unique, unreplaceable. All religions and secular morals agree on that point. One does not understand a thing about the Great Replacement if one does not realize that, enormous as it is, it is only a small part of a much bigger and deeper movement, global replacism, which is probably the form under which humanity is running to its own extinction — be it posthumanism or transhumanism.
Ah bien! Votre discours acquiert un relief nouveau dans cet idiome. Je m'avise qu'il passe bien. (Attention à "the menace of replacement" qui, en position sujet, appelle le "does" dans la même phrase).

(Jews are the group most directly under threat)

L'anglais parlé est une langue simplette mais droite qui autorise de dire ce qu'on a à dire en peu de mots – tout le génie désormais perdu du français d'avant.

Undifferentiated Human Matter est parfait dans cette langue, explicite comme en français, sans perte aucune.

A diffuser.
Merci infiniment des corrections. Je comptais un peu sur vous.
Penser aussi, tant qu'on y est, aux capitales aux adjectifs de nationalité (Swedish). D'autre part, l'anglais n'emploie pas les chiffres romains pour indiquer les siècles (21st century).
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